About Us

Having a childhood fascination with jewellery, Matt would often sneak into his Mother's jewellery box and fix broken clasps, chain links and jump rings with an old pair of his Father's pliers. After studying design at Art College Matt spent many years touring the UK as a musician in various bands. It was during a visit to the Cairo Museum in Egypt, that Matt came face-to-face with Ancient Egyptian jewellery and his fascination for jewellery was rekindled. Obsessed with discovering how these ancient artifacts were constructed, Matt embarked on a journey of study and experimentation ultimately leading him to earn a BA Hons first class degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing. Matt studied under Master Silversmith Robert Birch and Jewellery Designer/Maker Katherine Campbell-Legg. Matt now runs his own jewellery workshop, designing and making bespoke jewellery handcrafted in silver and gold, also utilizing precious gemstones. Matt is also a registered Fairtrade goldsmith.

Jewellery designer Matt McConway from Adicto jewellery

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